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      • 14-16 August 2020
      • Karachi Expo Centre, Pakistan

      Why Exhibit ?

      Every year, the stationery & education sector continues to increase. This sector involves continuous process of innovation and due to this companies need to increase their technologies in manufacturing process as well as a product innovation which blend looks, utility, functional aspect and durability in generating product appeal.

      So, ask yourself this question…

      • How long would it normally take your organization to meet with 3,000+ decision makers and influencers? 6 months? A year? Even longer??
      • By getting involved with the STATIONERY & EDUCATION ASIA, you can do this in just 3 days.

      Benefits Include

      • Save time and money by meeting 100’s of clients and prospects… all together at the same time
      • Talk as an equal to hard-to-reach education leaders
      • Build your sales pipeline and generate sales
      • Enhance relationships with existing clients
      • Promote your brand
      • Make sure that your product or solution remains top-of-mind
      • Establish future business opportunities
      • Meet international distributors from around the world

      Benefits Include

      If you are looking to build brand, generate sales or launch a new product or service, you can’t do better than sponsoring or exhibiting at the STATIONERY & EDUCATION ASIA.

      Compared to other media, exhibiting and sponsoring events is still one of the most cost effective ways of reaching your audience. Remember, the audience at the STATIONERY & EDUCATION ASIA is already pre-targeted and receptive! Most delegates have travelled far and wide to attend the Expo; and they are there to meet you.

      If you aren’t there, you can be sure your competitors will be.